Sunday, December 9, 2012


This is how you Prezi...

The Difference between Prezi and PowerPoint is the use of Flash media. While not all computers have PowerPoint almost all computers have Adobe and are able to use flash (unless it is an iPhone or iPad). The flash media use allows you to splash around or puddle jump through the presentation. Instead of a click here click here click here next slide blah blah blah redundant form it incorporates a fun and freelance form of presentation. Also the templates that are pre-loaded are designed to make your slideshow fun and interesting. There is little need to go out and create a whole new presentation from scratch. Another big advantage is not having to purchase the software for your computer. This allows for a greater amount of storage on your personal machine for using other programs or storing data.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Social Networking Rules of Engagement

          Being able to communicate on the fly twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year 

Twitter Etiquette

The Tweets That are Heard Round the World

          Well, quite a lot has changed since 1775. As opposed to a shot being fired it's now mainly the "Tweet's" heard round the world. Most of us know once something goes "online" it is almost surely impossible to get it off of the Internet. So how can we avoid these costly Tweets? Well, it is actually fairly simple. Follow a few bits of etiquette and you may be able to avoid much controversy.

          In the article "Top 7 Twitter Etiquette Rules (Please RT!)" seven basic rules can be followed to upload a quite quaint Tweet. For starters a pretty basic rule of business email format should be followed. Secondly, you don't need to brag about someone complimenting you (if you are important people will already have read it). Third, do not check in every location you are at, it just says "I have nothing else to do but hope people see where I am at". Fourth, asking someone to re-tweet you is a lot like asking someone to spread your useless information. Fifth, no one wants to know what you are doing on Fridays (unless it includes an invite, free food, music, or a free good time). The sixth one I believe is most important. If you wouldn't be seen in public with the people following you do not follow them or allow them to follow you. Doing so just says you will allow anyone into your circle. For general purposes I am going to include this just because its a good rule to follow and I got it from an accounting professor "Don't say anything your grandma wouldn't be OK with hearing".

          So to sum this all up if its generally not nice don't say it at all. Its something we all learned at an early age and its root values can still be applied today. Keep it short and sweet. Good luck tweeting it up and remember "The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword".

My Web Use

Changing the Way, I Will Use the Web

          Upon taking this course I believed that having a technical degree in computer information and networking technologies I would simply breeze through the class with a minimal amount of material learned. BOY WAS I WRONG!

          During this course I have realized that my technical degree only supplied me with the know how, why, and security functions of the Internet. I had no idea that this class offered such a more in depth view of the capabilities that we are now able to use on the Internet. The use of; Wiki's, Flickr, blogging, online testing, data management, social connectivity, and Internet applications have now been open to me for future use and reference. The way I view the web now has changed to such an extent that I have almost re-programmed the way I use the Internet in day to day use as well as in practice. I have begun incorporating the old method of basic Internet use with my new found knowledge acquired from this course. I can see myself in the future (after completing my degree and after a few years of experience in the business world) applying the Wiki power to my consulting firm in order to expedite client requests using specially formed teams for each project. The use of blogging can be used to update my clients on our services offered and new innovations. Using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ I can see my business grow without having to spend as much money or personal capital advertising. By using online applications I will be able to reduce the amount of overhead, network downtime, digital storage space, and technical support. 

          The Web 2.0 lessons learned will be valuable throughout my career not only as a student finishing my undergrad but also in grad school and the working (Social Security provider) world. I am excited to contribute my knowledge derived from this course into real world application. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Here is an example of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation I had to do for Accounting Ethics 465 uploaded via

This is a very detailed Social Media trend by GlobalWebIndex.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


One of the Most Common Lies

        Each and every one of us is in a hurry in our own way. One of our biggest lies almost every one of us has committed at sometime or another is checking the little box that says, "Have you read the terms and conditions? Do you agree to these terms and conditions?" WHAT A JOKE!?!
        Do businesses and companies honestly think or believe we are going to read the lawyer written, highly encoded, over used English verbiage that is unnecessary to explain a simple paragraph of words? Heck no they do not. That is exactly why they do it. With the excess verbiage and complex terminology they are allowed to squeeze in their little additives as to what they are going to do with your information once they have ascertained it and you have agreed to their terms and conditions. The businesses may sell your information to a third party or allow other party's access to your information as far as your account with them is concerned. The whole agreement is basically a waiver of your rights to whatever you post on twitter is at your own discretion. It will be public and can be terminated at any time without liability to the user. The company is trying to cover their behind in case anything accidental happens or someone has a malicious intent using the provided website. 

       When you are feeling the need to tweet anything try and remember "think before you speak" because sadly, your words will be in black and white.